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Posted by / 22-Sep-2017 20:19

No problem, here’s how you can add them yourself from Safari in i OS and subscribe directly: Now you can launch News app and under the “Favorites” section will be the RSS feeds and websites you added yourself, making News app into an RSS reader of sorts that is built directly into i OS.This is nice in that it allows you to add whatever websites and feeds you want, even if they aren’t pre-bundled in the official list within Apple approved sites.Click Share This Feed to send a link to the selected RSS feed to someone else via email.You can also read the selected article in the RSS feed in your default browser using the View Article option.

NOTE: You can also right-click on the RSS Feeds folder on the left and select Add a New RSS Feed from the popup menu.

Go back to your browser and copy the URL from the address box for the RSS feed page that you opened.

Paste the URL into the edit box on the New RSS Feed dialog box and click Add. Change whatever options you want to change and click OK.

The RSS feed is added to the list of feeds and says “” because it hasn’t yet been updated.

Click Close to close the Account Settings dialog box.

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